West Palm Beach Divorce Mediator Provides an Affordable Alternative to Divorce Court 

Divorce is not only a difficult decision, but an expensive burden as well. The cost of an attorney retainer fee, document preparation and filing, server fees, preliminary conferences, and court fees add up to thousands of dollars. On top of these fees, both spouses will be forced to lose pay due to various court dates. This household income could instead go towards the cost of living and childcare. Couples that are seeking a more affordable divorce solution can consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a process that enables a divorcing couple to discuss the terms of their divorce with a court certified mediator in order to agree on debt division, property distribution, parental responsibility, etc. Once these areas are discussed and agreements are made this information is written up as a marital settlement agreement document, which is used to grant the marital dissolution (divorce).

FairVORCE: West Palm Beach Divorce Mediator

FairVORCE is a Florida based mediation provider that help guide discussions through a structured procedure that aids couples in communicating their concerns and desires for their divorce agreement. The West Palm Beach FairVORCE office is located in Regions Financial Tower at 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in suite 600. Couples can view detailed information about FairVORCE, view photos of their mediators, as well as read informational links that discuss Florida family law, Florida statues, Child support guidelines, FAQ's, and more. Once the couple has discussed mediation as an option, they can contact the West Palm Beach Divorce Mediators of FairVORCE by dialing (561) 650-1010.


Professional Mediation Services in WPB

FairVORCE is a group of family law mediators and affiliate of Mediation, Inc. (one of the largest and most experienced certified mediators in Florida). They provide a private, confidential meeting area in one of four Florida mediation facilities that include a West Palm Beach location. Here couples meet with a professional, experienced court certified mediator that assists the couples in walking through a guided discussion that allows the couple to discuss, negotiate, and agree on terms as they choose to do so. There are no forced agreements in mediation. To learn more about divorce mediation visit www.fairvorce.com and review the resources tab information.

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