Uncontested Divorce: What it is and How it Works 

Uncontested divorce is performed without the aid of an attorney. Both spouses agree on filing for divorce and agree on how to divide marital property and issues regarding any children under the age of 18. The couple must agree on the division of marital property, debts, custody of children, and child and/or spousal custody. Couples that file uncontested divorce represent themselves through Pro Se Divorce Litigation. Couples that choose to file an uncontested divorce can also choose divorce mediation.

The Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce mediation is a process in which both spouses work out mutual terms for the separation without going to court as a divorce mediator sits in with the couple as they discuss and agree on separation terms. Once the couple has agreed on all concerning areas of the separation the mediator completes the necessary legal documentation for the couple who then signs the agreement. This document is known as the marital settlement agreement (MSA). The document is held for twenty days then released to the couple for filing at the county clerks office. A judge will review the document and grant the marital dissolution. This process is much faster and less expensive than hiring an attorney. It also reduces the stress and animosity between the separating spouses and has shown to have a lesser impact on children.


South Florida Divorce Mediation

A divorce mediator does not provide legal advice or representation for either spouse. A mediator can be an attorney, former judge, or non-lawyer mediator that is certified in Florida. The mediator is simply a neutral party that is present during the discussion of agreement terms and the person who prepares the MSA. Farivorce of South Florida is a divorce mediation group that provides four South Florida divorce mediation facilities for couples seeking an uncontested divorce. 

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  Miami (305) 577-3000 — Stuart  (772) 238-7490

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