Save Money in Divorce 

After years of stress, arguing, animosity, and attempts at reconciliation you and your spouse have decided to divorce. This is the most difficult decision pertaining to the separation process. All other decisions are made for the good of the family. For couples that need to save money in divorce there is the choice of divorce mediation. If a couple can check their emotions at the door and focus on communicating towards a marital settlement peacefully divorce mediation is a possibility.

The Divorce Mediation Process

A divorce mediator is not provided for legal representation or advice. He or she acts as a neutral party between the spouses as they communicate, discuss, and work towards building an agreement to establish rights and obligations to govern future interaction. Mediation meetings also enable the couple to work towards the fair distribution of assets and allocation liabilities. Once all of the vital areas of separation are discussed and agreed upon, the mediator prepares the marital settlement agreement. This document will later be filed at the county clerk's office in order for the couple to receive judicial decree dissolving the marriage.

Divorce Attorney Alternative

Divorce mediation costs much less than hiring a divorce attorney and can help the couple save money in divorce. This process also removes the stress and animosity of attorney meetings and additional time in court. This peaceful divorce alternative also requires less of an impact on children. Divorce is unpleasant and should not take any greater toll than necessary. Divorce mediation is user friendly and more affordable than retaining a lawyer. The South Florida divorce mediators of provide four convenient facility locations for their customers to choose from. 

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