Peaceful Marriage Dissolution 

Couples can separate with peaceful marriage dissolution. Both parents can come together for a peaceful divorce by agreeing to keep negative language and aggression out of the process. When both parties choose to sit down and discuss the decisions involving the division of debt, possessions, childcare, etc. it is possible to proceed with a divorce while reducing the associated stress and animosity. Couples that agree to divorce and wish to do so in a peaceful and respectful manner can save on the cost of marital dissolution through divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation for a Peaceful Dissolution

Divorce mediation enables a divorcing couple to represent themselves, without attorney representation. The couple meets with a mediator that guides the discussion process ensuring that all factors of separation are discussed. The mediator does not provide legal representation or advice. They are simply present while the couple discusses the terms of the marriage dissolution in order to draw up the legal documentation involved. The mediator completes the marriage settlement agreement, which is then signed by the couple.

Peaceful Dissolution in South Florida

Once the MSA is signed, it is held for 20-days then released to the couple for filing at the county clerks office. Once filed the documents are reviewed by the judge who then grants the couple an uncontested divorce. The process of peaceful marriage dissolution takes about six weeks or less. It is far less expensive than traditional divorce with an attorney, and it enables the couple to remain in control of their separation. This process is also shown to have less of an impact on children, as the parents remain calm and respectful without court aggression. 

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