How to Amicably Divorce 

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Save Money and Avoid the Stress

The divorce mediation process enables divorcing couples to avoid the cost associated with divorce litigation. Divorce mediation is for couples that can decide for themselves the terms of the separation. It helps couples to avoid the acrimony and high cost of hiring a divorce attorney. The process is straightforward. The couple contacts one of four FairVORCE Mediation Institute locations and schedules a mediation conference. The couple discusses and negotiates their settlement and upon agreement, a final written settlement is created. The mediator transcribes the agreement, which is signed and held for a period of twenty days. After the settlement agreement is released, the parties can file the documents at the county clerks office and await a final hearing. Once reviewed by the judge he or she can grant the divorce.

FairVORCE Mediation Facilities

FairVORCE Mediation Institute is a group of family law mediators who provide mediation services for divorcing couples in south Florida. They have four divorce mediation facilities, which are located in Fort Lauderdale (954) 765-8000, West Palm Beach (561) 650-1010, Miami (305) 577-3000, and Stuart (772) 238-7490. When a couple has decided to divorce one or both of the spouses can call FairVORCE Mediation Institute to learn more about the divorce mediation process. FairVORCE Mediation Institute divorce mediators do not provide legal advice or legal representation for either party. They simply provide a peaceful solution for divorcing couples that seek an alternative to hiring an attorney.

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