Experience a Friendly Divorce 

When a couple chooses to go their separate ways with the desire for a friendly divorce there is divorce mediation. This process involves both spouses meeting with a mediator that encourages dialogue that enables the couple to discuss the key factors of divorce (children, finances, assets, etc.). Divorce mediation is for couples that have agreed to pursue an uncontested divorce without an attorney. This choice can help the couple to conserve their resources, reduce the negative impact on children, and reduce the stress and emotions associated with marriage dissolution.


The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation has many benefits that provide a positive outcome and experience for both the divorcing couple and their children. Divorce mediation is far less costly than hiring an attorney. It is proven to be less stressful and enable couples to discuss separation factors in a positive environment. As parents agree to be respectful and peaceful throughout the process divorce mediation has less of a negative impact on children. The process takes six weeks or less to complete an uncontested divorce. Certified divorce mediators provide document preparation reducing future legal risk for both parties. A peaceful divorce is less of a mental strain on both spouses and their children enabling the families to focus on family restructure and moving forward in life.


Divorce Mediation in Florida

Florida couples seeking a friendly divorce can contact the experienced divorce mediators of FairVORCE Mediation Institute. Their mediators are affiliates of Mediation, Inc., which is the largest, and most experienced group practice of ce3rtified mediators in Florida. Their mediators have collectively conducted over 100,000 mediation conferences helping South Florida couples to end their marriage in a friendly divorce.

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