Options for Finding the Best Solution to an Ending Marriage 

It can be very difficult to come to the decision that your marriage has ended and that divorce is the best solution. Once you and your spouse have decided that you wish to end your marriage and part ways, there are options for finding the best solution to your ending marriage. You can hire attorneys and battle your divorce in court or avoid attorney costs and choose a no court divorce. You can avoid numerous days in the courtroom and opt for a single court hearing, in which you and your spouse appear before the judge as he reviews your family situation and marital settlement agreement.


Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation enables a couple to meet with a mediator in order to discuss the terms of their separation while remaining in control of their decisions. No one is forced to agree with the other. The mediator simply guides the discussion and structures the negotiation. The party fully discusses the essential points of their divorce, such as debts, finances, children, possessions, etc. Once the couple comes to an agreement on these key areas of separation, the mediator will transcript these agreements into the written marital settlement agreement.


FairVORCE Mediation Institute of South Florida

Fairvorce Divorce Mediation has four convenient facilities located in Fort Lauderdale (954) 765-8000, West Palm Beach (561) 650-1010, Miami (305) 577-3000, and Stuart (772) 238-7490). FairVORCE Mediation Institute is a group of family law mediators. They work with couples to help them avoid the animosity and legal costs of divorce. They provide an orderly, structured process that enables couples to negotiate all of the terms of their divorce so that they can go to their final hearing and be granted their divorce with ease. The first step in the divorce mediation process is to contact a FairVORCE Mediation Institute administrator to discuss the Fairvorce process and rather or not, it is the best solution for you and your spouse.

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