Divorce without Fighting 

A couple can grow apart overtime and eventually conclude that it is time that they go their separate ways. Couples that have mutually agreed to pursue an uncontested divorce can divorce without fighting by joining to work out the details of the divorce with divorce mediation. South Florida couples can rely on the expertise of FairVORCE Mediation Institute. They have over forty certified mediators that will meet with the couple as they communicate about the distribution of assets, finances, and childcare. The divorce mediator will prepare all necessary documents including the marital settlement agreement. The MSA will be filed by the couple at the county clerks office, which will be reviewed by the judge, and once approved the marriage dissolution will be finalized.

Divorce without Fighting Requires Communication

Divorce mediation is a respectable means of divorcing. It is for couples that are willing to lay aside their differences in order to end their marriage in a peaceful and respectful manner. Many couples choose this route and cooperate for the benefit of their family. Though a couple will no longer be man and wife, they remain to be mom and dad. Couples discuss and set realistic goals for future relations. These rights and obligations enable the couple to govern future interaction between one another and help them understand proper guidelines for healthy interaction when attending school, sports, holiday, etc. events with their children and so on.

Divorce without Fighting in Court

All details about finances, assets, and child/spouse support are discussed and once agreed upon recorded in the marital settlement agreement. This prevents any concern over future legal risk or risk of appeal. Many mediators are former attorneys or judges, while other are non-attorney certified mediators. Divorce mediation enables couples to avoid attorney fees and divorce without fighting in court. It is proven to be less stressful and have less of an impact on the mental health of the children and divorcing couple. 

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