Divorce's Effects on Children 

Divorce affects the entire family and can cause undue stress on all members. However, divorce can have profound effects on children. Children far to often than not blame themselves for the separation of their parents. They often feel loneliness, guilt, and fear. Their world is turned on its head and security is lost. The best way to help a child adjust to divorce is to begin the separation process as a united front. The single most important factor in how a child responds to a divorce is how the parents handle the divorce. If the parents treat one another with respect during the separation process, children are impacted less.

Making Divorce less Stressful

Parents should agree not to use negative behavior, accusations, or argue in front of their children. They should not speak about the support issues or other concerns in front of them either. Divorcing couples should explain to their children that divorce is between adults. Parents should tell their children of the decision to divorce together and to reassure the child that it is not his or her fault. Both mom and dad love him or her and that love will not go away.


Divorce Support

Parents should try to maintain a regular routine as much as possible to help the child feel more secure. They should also inform the school counselor about this matter so that the child has support in school if needed. Counseling can also help children work out feelings of anger, anxiety, grief, and depression. Divorce changes the lives of the family members, but by separating in a peaceful manner, everyone is bale to move on faster and accept change more easily.


Peaceful Separation

Couples that want to reduce the strain and emotional stress of divorce on their children can separate by filing an uncontested divorce through divorce mediation. The couple works together to come to an agreement on all settlement terms in a peaceful and respectful manner without going to court. This choice reduces the stress, anger, and animosity associated with traditional divorce. It also saves the couple time and money. The cost of mediation is split between the parties and the process is much faster. South Florida couples looking to separate with a peaceful divorce can contact one of four FairVORCE divorce mediation facilities to learn more about this process.

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