Working with Experienced Divorce Mediators of Miami Makes Divorce less Stressful 

Divorce brings about change, worry, and a powerful mix of emotions. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of stress. Choosing to cooperate with your spouse through divorce mediation can reduce divorce stress. Divorce mediation is a process that enables spouses to discuss the terms of their divorce while in the presence of an intermediary (mediator). A divorce mediator provides a structured process and guided discussion that enables the couple to speak in a non-judgmental environment where compromise, problem solving, and cooperation are used while the couple remains in control over their decisions. The couple discusses parental responsibility if applicable, as well as property distribution, spousal support, and debt division. Once agreements are made, this information is placed in the marital settlement agreement.


A Peaceful Divorce Miami

FairVORCE is a Florida based mediation service provider that assists couples with or without children, complex or simple finances, or couples with no property and no children. No matter the situation at hand, as long as the couple can discuss, negotiate, and come to terms of their divorce mediation is an option. The mediation process begins with a phone call to the FairVORCE facility of choice. FairVORCE offers four facility locations in Stuart, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft Lauderdale. The couple schedules a conference at a time and day that is convenient to both parties. There is an introduction, explanation of ground rules, and the sharing of concerns and goals. Discussions begin as all factors are discussed and negotiations made. The process is peaceful, respectful, and less stressful.


A Divorce that Provides Peace of Mind

Divorce mediation provides a civil process that enables both parties to walk away feeling at peace with the way their marriage ended. Instead of heated words and a vicious court battle, a couple is able to improve communication, reduce the cost, stress, and trauma associated with marital dissolution. Instead of sharing personal conflicts I court, a couple can speak in a confidential and private environment where conflicts are settled. Each party can move forward and begin the healing process much faster than those involved in divorce court. To inquire about divorce mediators of Miami, please call the FairVORCE Miami office at (305) 577-3000.

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