Divorce in Your Own Way 

Divorce is a private matter between a husband and wife. It does not have to be a public affair that is flaunted at an attorney's office. To proceed with a divorce in your own way there is the choice of divorce mediation. This process gives you and your spouse control over the negotiation and settlement process. Avoid a divorce attorney and represent yourselves with the assistance of a mediator.

Divorce Negotiation with Control

A divorce mediator does not provide legal representation or advice to the divorcing husband or wife. They simply meet with the couple as a neutral party who guides the discussion ensuring that key factors of divorce are discussed. Matters such as shared debt, property, taxes, insurance, and childcare can be discussed in order to create a marital settlement agreement. Once all areas are discussed and agreed upon, the mediator will complete the document, which will be signed by both parties. The separation agreement is held for twenty days before being provided to the couples for court filing. The judge reviews the agreement and grants the divorce. The desired terms and conditions of the divorce are prepared by the couple from start to finish.

South Florida Divorce Mediation

For couples interested in divorcing their own way, FairVORCE of South Florida has four divorce mediation facilities located in Fort Lauderdale (954) 765-8000, West Palm Beach (561) 650-1010, Miami (305) 577-3000, and Stuart (772) 238-7490. FairVORCE mediators are made up of former attorneys, judges, and non-attorney mediators that are certified in Florida. If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you want to avoid the cost of an attorney, and you want control over the details of your marital settlement agreement cal FairVORCE. The process has less of an impact on couples with children and reduces the stress involved in the divorce process. 

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