Building Your Divorce Financial Plan

When you and your spouse decided to part ways there were and are many decisions that must be discussed and agreed upon. One such factor is the divorce financial plan. Income that was once used for the family as a whole will begin to be used for two separate households. This change in household finances often puts both parties in a financial bind to a certain degree. Many couples seek the most cost effective means of marital dissolution. As a part of your divorce, financial plan choosing to divorce without attorney fees is an option.

No Attorney Fees Divorce

You and your spouse can save money by splitting divorce fees. This financial arrangement enables both parties to pay a portion of the divorce cost. To further save money couples can avoid the cost of an attorney by filing for an uncontested divorce and seeking the services of FairVORCE Mediation Institute. Fairvorce Divorce Mediators act as a buffer between the couple, guides the divorce discussion, and structures the negotiation for a written marital settlement agreement. Mediators do not provide legal advice or representation. They meet with the couple at one of four FairVORCE Mediation Institute facilities where the couple negotiates on the key factors of their dissolution in order to create an agreement that meets their own best interest. The couple is in control and has the right to agree or disagree as they discuss children, property, debts, etc.

Cost Efficient Divorce

Couples that have decided to divorce, seek an uncontested divorce, and have the desire to divorce without an attorney have the option of Divorce Mediation. FairVORCE Mediation Institute costs less than taking one deposition in a contested divorce. It costs much less than retaining lawyers. It also results in a more peaceful and dignified separation. You or your spouse can contact a FairVORCE Mediation Institute administrator to discuss financial arrangements and schedule your first Divorce Mediation session. Once you and your spouse have agreed upon and signed the marital settlement agreement, your court hearing can be scheduled. Divorce Mediation enables couples to peacefully separate without paying the high court costs of contested divorce.

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