South Florida Divorce: Cut Out Court Costs 

No one wants to pay a high price to get a divorce. Once you have decided to divorce, it is likely that you want to pay as little money and spend as little time as possible on the process. You can cut out court costs by obtaining an uncontested divorce with mediation. Divorce mediation from FairVORCE Mediation Institute costs much less than hiring an attorney. It keeps you and your family out of the courtroom as you discuss and negotiate the terms of your divorce at a South Florida mediation facility in the presence of a certified family mediator. He or she is not an attorney. Your mediator does not provide legal advice or representation. They simply guide the discussion in order to cover all major areas of divorce and asset division. Once the couple agrees on these subjects the mediator, will transcript the final marriage settlement agreement. The couple will then sign the agreement and file copies of the agreement at their county clerks office. Form here is a matter of waiting for the final hearing. Once scheduled the couple will meet in front of the judge so that he or she may grant the divorce.

The Cost of Divorce

Filing a contested divorce can cost the spouses thousands of dollars and create negative interaction between the couple. Couples with children can avoid the high cost of divorce by avoiding an attorney as well as decrease the negative impact that divorce has on children. Children have a difficult enough time accepting the fact that their parents will no longer be living together. When you and your spouse agree to behave in a civil and respectful manner through divorce mediation you and your spouse are saving your children the stress and heartache that many children suffer as their parents battle their emotions and differences in court.

Avoid Attorneys and Court Costs

When it comes to divorce, lawyers are not the best way to go anymore. Lawyers are driven to win a settlement at all costs. They can cause undue tension between spouses and create a stressful situation between families. You do not have to pay an attorney to obtain a divorce. You can avoid attorney and court fees by filing uncontested divorce and creating your marriage settlement agreement through divorce mediation. In the end, you will feel more confident and satisfied living with an amicable divorce than an ugly court battle that drains your finances and energy. 

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