Divorce Advisor 

Nearly 49% of marriages end in divorce. Divorce does not have to end in a loss of dignity. With the assistance of a divorce advisor, you and your spouse can peacefully discuss the distribution of debts, property, childcare, and other key factors of separation. The divorce advisor or divorce mediator provides documentation preparation for South Florida couples seeking an uncontested divorce. Couples can avoid the legal cost of hiring an attorney and represent themselves.


Cost Effective Divorce

The number one factor for divorce is money problems. Divorce mediation is less costly than hiring an attorney and can help divorcing couples reduce divorce expenses. It is also less stressful on children. Two out of three marriages ending in divorce have minor children in the home. Divorce mediation provides a peaceful and controlled divorce as the conversation is guided by the mediator for the preparation of the marital separation agreement. Before couples begin, they must agree to treat one another with respect, meet to discuss the issues of separation, and negotiate the terms of the divorce.


Peaceful Divorce Solution

Divorce mediation is cost effective and provides a neutral environment for the couple to discuss their separation (divorce) terms for the division of property and finances as well as rules for future interaction. A peaceful separation enables a couple to end their marriage happily and without a fight. It is a practical strategy for divorce that is conducted in a professional and responsible manner. Both parties can proceed with their lives in less amount of time as an uncontested divorce with divorce mediation can take six weeks or less. 

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