How to Make a Divorce Action Plan 

Once you and your spouse have solidly decided to divorce, you must begin to make a divorce action plan. The first step in this process is to decide rather you want to pay for the assistance of an attorney or to file an uncontested divorce and mutually be in charge of your settlement. For those that want to discuss finances and other separation terms with their spouse, divorce mediation can be a beneficial tool. Divorce mediation helps couples to avoid court, avoid attorney fees, and to discuss their settlement in a neutral environment. Couples should begin to gather their financial documents as they prepare to meet with their divorce mediator. Gather all asset records so that income, assets, liabilities, and expenses can be discussed. Your mediator will be a buffer between you and your spouse as you respectfully speak to one another about property division. As you agree on each area of division, this information will be recorded in your marital settlement agreement.

MSA Document Preparation

The MSA or marital settlement agreement is a necessary document for divorce. The judge will review this document in order to ensure that present and future interaction between the spouses has been discussed, agreed upon, and recorded for future reference. Your mediator will record all asset agreements including childcare agreement if applicable. The divorce mediators of FairVORCE Mediation Institute are certified family mediators that have the experience and knowledge needed to assist couples in document preparation for their uncontested divorce.


General Divorce Action Plan

In general, couples choose to file an uncontested divorce. They contact a FairVORCE Mediation Institute divorce mediator and gather all necessary documents for settlement discussion. They meet at a designated divorce mediation facility on the scheduled day and time. The couple discusses and negotiates the terms of their settlement. The mediator guides the discussion and structures the settlement. The final marital settlement agreement is completed and signed y both parties. A copy of the MSA is filed at the county clerks office and the final court hearing is scheduled. The couple meets with the judge on the specified day and after MSA, review the judge grants the divorce. 

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