FairVORCE Divorce Mediation offers a choice for people who can decide for themselves the terms of the split and the rules to govern their interaction after the divorce.  Mediation is a straightforward, cost-effective solution to the complex challenge of divorcing.  It saves you money and reduces the stress and impact of this life change, especially if there are children involved. 

Every marriage has a different history and every spouse has a unique attitude and personality. FairVORCE mediation works on complex or simple financial situations and it is appropriate for families with or without children.  The key element is the attitude of the participants.

If the marriage does not have a history of domestic violence or abuse and if the parties can both treat each other with respect, meet and discuss the issues clearly and rationally, then a negotiated resolution of the marriage using the FairVORCE divorce mediation process can likely be accomplished.

FairVORCE Mediation is not for everyone.  For some couples, the history of the marriage shows that the best approach is to retain lawyers to sort out the facts, provide legal advice, prevent injustice and remedy past wrongs.  In cases of domestic violence or abuse, hiding of marital property, substance abuse or financial irregularities, expert legal counsel is likely required and the adversarial system of the courts is probably necessary.  In these situations, divorce lawyers and other experts fill vital roles in discovering the facts and convincing the judge to decide the case in favor of their client. 

On the other hand, if you are like most families and those serious issues do not exist in your case, you should consider the FairVORCE divorce mediation process.  It offers an alternative to the old way of divorce.  It helps you avoid the acrimony between both parties and the high cost of divorce litigation.  Please call today to speak to a FairVORCE administrator to decide if our mediation process can help you.

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