Avoid the Average Cost of Divorce 

Divorce can cost thousands of dollars on top of the aggravated stress of meeting with attorneys. Divorce is unpleasant and last resort. When a couple has concluded that divorce is the final solution they can separate without paying the outrageous fees of hiring an attorney. They have the alternative of using divorce mediation. This process enables both spouses to sit down with a mediator to discuss all aspects included in the divorce process. Children, marital property, debt, etc. is discusses so that these assets can be divided fairly for present and future interaction.


Save Money with Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediators do not represent either party or provide legal advice. He or she does record the marital settlement agreement (MSA) and prepare legal documentation for the divorce process. Once the details of the MSA are worked out between the couple, the mediator prepares the agreement. Each spouse can have an attorney review the MSA if desired. After a twenty-day hold is placed on the MSA, it is released to the parties. They then file the documents at their county clerk's office and await approval by the judge. Once approved the divorce is granted. The process usually takes six weeks or less and costs much less than retaining lawyers.

Divorce Mediation from FairVORCE

FairVORCE is a group of experienced certified mediators in South Florida. They provide divorce mediation for couples seeking the avoidance of the costs of traditional divorce. Economic hardships require many divorcing couples to seek divorce without an attorney. On top of saving couples money with divorce mediation, this process has shown to significantly reduce stress and animosity between the couple and their family. It also makes less of an impact on kids of divorcing parents. It is a cost and time efficient alternative to traditional divorce. To speak with a FairVORCE mediator about divorcing without an attorney call the FairVORCE location that best suits your needs. 

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