An Amicable Divorce is Possible in Fort Lauderdale 

There is an alternative to a hostile divorce court battle. Couples that wish to avoid the stress and animosity of court can choose an amicable divorce in Fort Lauderdale with mediation services from FairVORCE. This professional divorce mediation provider knows how divorces are resolved and how to guide couples towards a peaceful marital end. Their experienced family law mediators guide couples through a structured discussion that enables the couple to discuss the terms of their divorce in order to build their marital settlement agreement. The process is private, peaceful, and respectful solution for an amicable divorce in Fort Lauderdale.

Divorce Mediation in Fort Lauderdale

The Fort Lauderdale FairVORCE office is located at Regions Bank Tower on 100 SE 3rd Avenue on the 18th floor. Mediation sessions are scheduled over the phone after a couple has had time to discuss the option of divorce mediation. FairVORCE has an easy to follow informational website that discusses the mediation process as well as provides information about Florida family laws and other FAQ's. Divorce mediation is available to couples with or without children. There are no forced agreements with divorce mediation. The couple is in control over what they choose to agree and disagree on. The guided discussion helps the couple remain civil and focused on resolving their issues in order to build the marital settlement agreement and obtain an uncontested divorce in Fort Lauderdale.


Mediation Consultation Scheduling

Mediation consultations in Ft Lauderdale is scheduled around each spouse’s schedule. FairVORCE offers afternoon and Saturday conferences in order to provide flexible meeting times. Mediation fees are based on the time required to complete the process. Most couples can reach an agreement in a single session. To request a mediation session, please call (954) 765-8000. Couples can also complete the online email request form to inquire about Fort Lauderdale divorce mediation. An amicable divorce in Fort Lauderdale is possible when couples choose to treat one another with mutual respect and communicate towards the completion of their marital settlement agreement. The process takes less time, is less stressful, and requires less money than litigation.

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